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Body Marvel Challenge
Discover the Body's Marvelous Ability to Restore Health & Lose Weight
Tried Everything to Get Healthy, Overcome Health Issues and/OR Lose Weight?
When Health and Weight loss are viewed as an End GOAL vs a by-product of something bigger we end up with:
Failed diets, ongoing health issues, lack of time or desire to exercise, feeling like nothing is ever going to change...and then we start beating ourselves up and have another piece of chocolate to feel better.  

The answer isn't just another diet, supplement or workout.  What if you could harness the body's marvelous ability to a God-given renewed mind that leads to a renewed body? And what if it came through effortlessly harnessing God's grace and care for your body?
You'd say heck yes and AMEN! Right?!
Let's Work With Your Brain and Not Against It
Join Dr. Darlene A. Mayo and the Atmosphere of Grace girls and many amazing guests to address health and wellness and weight loss working with your marvelous brain to transform your marvelous body!
Body Marvel Challenge
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April 5 - 30 we will be featuring Neurosurgeon and Neuroscientist, Dr. Darlene A. Mayo with weekly topics.  Joining the mix will be some amazingly gifted guest. And, although this topic is serious, we plan on having lots of fun with giveaways, skits, recipes and live coaching. Our hope that is whatever you came for, you leave with.  SO, we want you to join if you plan on being highly engaged throughout this challenge!  If that's YOU, sign up below to apply for this tightly knit group and powerful challenge. 
Dr. Darlene A. Mayo is a neurosurgeon and a neuroscientist whose passion is to help you get breakthrough in your health, by using innovative tools in brain science, so you can achieve your potential and fulfill your destiny. 
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I really need something like this!"
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---See God Reveal Your Body's Marvelous Ability---
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